“Hi, my name is”… if these words make your heart beat a little faster – through fear or excitement – we understand. We are kind of the same way. Connecting to a healthy community is vital for us, but walking into a group for the first time can be overwhelming or intimidating.
At Faith, we understand that it is a little scary and we are not only praying for you to find the right place to grow as a person and in your walk with Jesus, but we are committed to opening doorways of opportunity.


Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth groups are the perfect place to grow your understanding of God, the Bible, and even yourself. We believe its vital for people to grow spiritually together.


Activity groups are the right place for those looking to add adventure, fitness, and action to their lives. Pursue activities you love, with people who have the same interests.


Outreach groups are for those who believe people can make a difference and are willing to put their time and energy towards a common goal of caring for the community.