Growth Track happens live and in-person at every location and will guide you through discovering your redemptive purpose and living the life God created for you!

The Growth Track is made up of four steps that equip you to 1) connect to the church, 2) discover the strengths of your purposeful design, 3) develop your God-given gifts to make a difference through serving on the Dream Team, and 4) become a member of Faith Church.

Can't attend in-person? No problem!

Growth Track online makes it easy for you to discover your spiritual gifts and find the right place to start serving on the Dream Team.

Why join the Dream Team?

Our mission at Faith Church is to develop fully-devoted followers of Jesus. One of those characteristics is a heart for serving others. Join a team today to begin making a difference and find your purpose while serving others. We can all play a part in what God is doing no matter our age or background.

Join a team today to begin making a difference.

There is a place for everyone!